Kancelarijska oprema - ormari, obloge, pregradni zidovi

Office equipment – cabinets, coverings, partition walls

Are you remodeling your home office or are you in the process of collecting bids for a large order of office furniture and equipment? DR Trade is the right place for you. DR Trade has the largest assortment of office equipment and office furniture in Montenegro.

Office equipment includes the following items: drawers, shelves, cabinets, partition walls, insulating linings, organizers, etc. Support your office organizational needs in one place. DR Trade showroom of office furniture is located in Donja Gorica (Podgorica, Montenegro). Office equipment is available in all materials such as wood, plastic and metal.

Office accommodation

Kancelarijski smještaj - ormari, obloge, pregradni zidovi - Podgorica, Crna Gora

Office accommodation – cabinets, coverings, partition walls – Podgorica, Montenegro

Which is not enough if he doesn’t have accommodation. With us, you can find a large number of desks that have enough storage space in the form of shelves and drawers, so your office desk will always be neat and clean. Additional drawers and shelves are a great way to upgrade a desk that doesn’t have storage space.

Cabinets for documents

Kancelarijska oprema Vitra - ormari, obloge, pregradni zidovi

Vitra office equipment – cabinets, coverings, partition walls

If you have a lot of letters, files, contracts, binders and other documents, you need to get a document cabinet. File cabinets can be the height of a desk, but they can span an entire office wall. DR Trade also has solutions for rooms that are exclusively intended for document cabinets, such as public archives, libraries, etc.

Metal cabinets

Metalni ormari Vitra - ormari, obloge, pregradni zidovi - Podgorica, Crna Gora

Metal cabinets Vitra – cabinets, coverings, partition walls – Podgorica, Montenegro

Metal cabinets have become a trend with the growing interest in industrial design. DR Trade offers a wide range of metal wardrobes in Montenegro. Metal cabinets, in addition to their durability, also have greater security because they have more durable locking locks. If you need metal cabinets, DR Trade is your address in Donja Gorica (Podgorica, Montenegro).

Partition walls

Kancelarijska oprema Frezza - ormari, obloge, pregradni zidovi - Podgorica, Crna Gora

Office equipment Frezza – cabinets, coverings, partition walls – Podgorica, Montenegro

DR Trade offers the most professional partition wall systems in Montenegro. We offer partition walls such as: glass partition walls, aluminum partition walls, fire-resistant partition walls, prefabricated partition walls, modular partition walls, double partition walls, insulating partitions and walls, etc. Partition walls are the right solution when it is necessary to turn a large room into several smaller ones. Modular partition walls are an excellent solution if you need to frequently change the size and purpose of the rooms. All our partition walls are designed by world experts, so they are all modern, beautiful and functional.

Partitions for sound insulation

Partitions for sound insulation are an integral part of all modern workplaces where several people work. The partitions effectively block the sounds of the keyboard, the tapping of the phone, but also create a visually separate space. So in the modularly placed desks, the worker has a sense of privacy and isolation. Office equipment includes partitions with sound insulation in all modern office spaces where several people work at modular desks.

Raised linings

DR Trade offers the largest selection of floor coverings in Montenegro. Floor coverings can be in the form of double floors and in the form of carpets and ethisons. Floor coverings can have various purposes, such as: insulation, accommodation for installations, visual effect, etc.

Double floors

Double floors are a very effective solution for implementing and hiding floor installations. They are intended for rooms with a large number of installations such as computer rooms, data centers, banks, etc. Double floors are made up of modular boards that can be of different heights. DR Trade offers a large selection of double floors in Montenegro.

Carpets and rugs

DR Trade offers a wide selection of carpets and rugs for office premises in Montenegro.

#1 office equipment in Montenegro

DR Trade is at the very top when it comes to office equipment in Montenegro. DR Trade is a company that has been operating since 1991, has over 4,000 satisfied clients, including the largest companies in Montenegro, and has completed almost 500 large projects. DR Trade is an authorized representative of major world brands for the Montenegrin market, such as: Herman Miller, Vitra, Frezza, Las Mobili, etc.