Herman Miller Montenegro logo

Herman Miller Montenegro logo

Herman Miller, officially MillerKnoll, Inc., is an American company that manufactures office and home furniture and equipment. The creators are the most popular Aeron office chairs, Noguchi tables, Marshmallow sofas, and Eames Lounge armchairs. Herman Miller is credited with the invention in 1968. office cubes – later known as the “Action Office” – a design that characterized offices in corporate America.

Herman Miller – history

The company was founded in 1905. under the official name “Star Furniture Co.” At first, the company produced furniture, especially for bedrooms in an aristocratic style. A year after the end of the First World War, 1919. , the firm was renamed “Michigan Star Furniture Co.” De Pree and Herman Miller in 1923. bought 51% of the company and renamed it to the name, part of which has lasted for 100 years: “Herman Miller Furniture Company”. 1960. was reformed into Herman Miller, Inc.

A pioneer of modern design

If you work in a well-equipped office, you’ve probably heard of the Herman Miller brand. You are probably sitting on their chairs. If it’s not a reality, make sure it becomes! The company has produced a whole series of revolutionary solutions for office space. With a name like Herman Miller, you know the furniture will be of high quality. This means that only better equipped offices own it and enjoy the comfort and luxury of this brand.

Herman Miller – Podgorica, Montenegro

Herman Miller furniture is available in Montenegro. DR Trade, the office furniture store located in Donja Gorica (Podgorica, Montenegro), is the official representative of Herman Miller office furniture.

Vitra Montenegro logo

Vitra Montenegro logo

Vitra is a Swiss company that produces and designs the highest quality office furniture. Vitra furniture is available at DR Trade, Podgorica, Montenegro.

Vitra – beginning

Vitra is a name known to all design enthusiasts. The company was founded by Willi and Erika Felchbaum in 1950. year. In just a few decades, they became leading innovators in the world of contemporary furniture. The company is now managed by the third generation of the Felchbaum family, which has shown the whole world how to run a multi-generational family business on a global level. Most of the office furniture was designed by Charles and Ray Emes and George Nelson. In 1967. Vitra presented the popular Panton chair designed by Werner Panton – the first cantilever chair made of plastic.

Vitra – the flywheel of development

Vitra had a licensed production of office furniture for the Herman Miller collection for the European market from 1957-1984. year.

Vitra – Today

Today, Vitra offers world-class designer furniture for offices, homes and public spaces. Pordica Felchbaum has dedicated her life to the love of design, which goes beyond the production of iconic furniture. Vitra built a campus of contemporary architecture which, as a strong marketing tool, continues to elevate the brand throughout the world. Behind its works, Vitra hides world-famous designers: Charles and Ray Emes, George Nelson, Werner Panton, Alexandre Girard, Jean Pruve, Antonio Citerio, Jasper Morrison, Alberto Meda, Martin van Severen, Ronan and Erwan Burulek, Hela Jongerious and Barber Osgerby.

Vitra – Podgorica, Montenegro

Vitra office furniture is available in Montenegro. DR Trade, a furniture showroom located in Donja Gorica (Podgorica, Montenegro) is the official representative of Vitra office furniture.

Luxy office furniture Montenegro

Luxy office furniture Montenegro

Following the centuries-old production history of the Veneto region, rich in raw materials, today Luxy is an international company that produces furniture for office and public spaces. The Luxy story, which began in 1976. , combines the quality of Italian craftsmanship with the best modern technology.

Luxy – office furniture

Luxy production methods use the sustainability of local supply chains and a careful study of ergonomics to ensure comfort and functionality without sacrificing taste, style and innovation, making a wide range of products that are constantly evolving. Their desire is to offer our customers a true experience. Not just a piece of furniture or a space to work, but a way of doing things that delights the mind and body. Every Luxy product is part of our history and pages of the story behind our passion.

Luxy – Podgorica, Montenegro

Luxy office furniture is available in Montenegro. DR Trade, a furniture showroom in Donja Gorica (Podgorica, Montenegro) is the official representative of Luxy office furniture.

Frezza Montenegro logo

Frezza Montenegro logo

Frezza is one of the largest Italian brands in professional equipment. Thanks to stylistic research and numerous partnerships with designers, Frezza products have positioned themselves highly in workspaces around the world as a symbol of Italian beauty, reliability and quality.

Frezza – beginning

The history of the brand is rooted in the best “Made in Italy” craftsmanship tradition. It all started in 1954. , by starting a small family furniture factory in Treviso, Italy. Over the years, the company has developed following the beauty and innovations in the design of office furniture.

Sustainability and certification

Social and environmental responsibility are the criteria that govern the development of the economic, design and production facilities of the Frezza brand. Environmental and safety regulations are reinforced by rigorous internal policies that focus on a sustainable production process and ethical leadership in all business decisions. Numerous certificates and international awards are proof of how committed the Frezza brand is to protecting the ecosystem.

Frezza – Podgorica, Montenegro

Frezza office furniture is available in Montenegro. DR Trade, a furniture store located in Donja Gorica (Podgorica, Montenegro), is the official representative of Frezza office furniture.