Stool – Big Ben

Sometimes a name can say a lot and sometimes it says everything. Big Ben is a rounded stool, the protagonist of the living room. Its generous dimensions remain without closing the space, it is warm, soft and inviting without stifling the interior and it is informal. Thanks to its unique design, Big Ben is large but high quality. The proportions have been designed with the greatest attention to detail, and if you look carefully, you will notice that Big Ben is equally comfortable for a 40 kg person and a 120 kg person. It’s a design choice to steer away from the more typical uniform width of all classic stools. The seat itself has more padding than its rim. Every detail has been carefully studied in order to bring to life a special object where the main volume of the seat and the height of the legs when sitting together find a unique harmony. The metal base on the bottom is available in golden brass, matte and polished, giving off a luxurious feel. Furthermore, its wool rug is easy to maintain and dry clean, and its metal construction is easy to clean with a damp cloth.
Dimensions: ⌀48 x H52 cm
Materials: brass base, metal construction, polyurethane foam lining and wool upholstery
Color: rotten cherry, golden

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