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Are you satisfied with your office chair?

The importance of choosing an office chair is a serious decision that directly affects our health. By choosing a suitable chair with ergonomic features and acquiring the habit of correct posture, we significantly preserve our health and prevent the consequences of sitting for hours.

How important is the ergonomic of the office chair?

What is ergonomics? It is a systematic scientific discipline that investigates human abilities and limitations and, based on this, designs equipment to maximally satisfy human needs, facilitate and improve his work.

Correct posture is as important as the chair

Designing an office chair is a big challenge

If the following parameters are met, you can be sure that your chair is ergonomic.

• Base with wheels

• Adjustable seat height

• Adjustable seat depth

• Adjustable lumbar support

• Adjustable armrests

• Adjustable tilt of the backrest in several positions

Using a chair that fulfils all the ergonomic features does not guarantee that your neck pain will disappear. As we all have different physiognomy, it is necessary to respect the basic rules of extended sitting. The feet must be flat on the floor, and the angle between the lower leg and the upper leg, that is, the forearm and the upper arm must be 90 degrees. Your eye level should be in the upper zone of the monitor while the content on the screen is mastered by your eyes. The parameters listed, along with advice on proper posture while sitting, can significantly improve your health.

According to the advice of the DR Trade team, when furnishing the workplace, you should always pay the most attention to choosing a chair

Designing an office chair is one of the most difficult challenges facing modern technology.

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Examples of good ergonomic chairs

According to many researches and surveys, the leading place among ergonomic chairs is occupied by Embody chairs, the world’s most popular manufacturer of office chairs, Herman Miller. Aeron and Sayl chairs from the same manufacturer are also rated very highly. If you are able to afford one of these chairs, you will definitely not regret it because you will definitely know what you spent your money on. Of course, there are also good ergonomic chairs from other manufacturers that are in the middle financial range among office chairs. Of course, the quality indicator is also the warranty period given by the manufacturer. A 3 to 5-year warranty for an office chair inspires confidence that it is a relatively good product.

DR Trade suggests

According to the advice of the Dr Trade team, when furnishing the workplace, you should always pay the most attention to choosing a chair. What we propose in the next couple of photos, in addition to the indisputable Miller chairs, are chairs from quality manufacturers of ergonomic chairs, which are priced from medium-low to medium-high.

Let your choice be PLAY – DR Trade, Overtime – Luxy, Leaf – Sitland, Flow Emegi, Spirit – Sitland…

A good stool preserves health

Health is the greatest treasure we have. We must not allow a sudden change in lifestyle to make us less able to enjoy the part of the day that we do not work and that we spend with family and friends. Proper sitting in an ergonomic chair can certainly contribute to the feeling of not being worn out.